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The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is one of the most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major red wine producing country in a wide variety of climates. From a taste perspective you will often notice fruits such as black cherry, black currant, and blackberry or other flavours such as black pepper, tobacco, liquorice, vanilla, and violet. Cabernet Sauvignon has a medium level of acidity that lends itself very well to aging. Cab Sauv wines are full bodied wines that pair very well with red meats such as braised short ribs or lamb.

5 Facts You May Not Have known about Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Day – You can celebrate Cabernet Sauvignon wines on the Thursday before Labour Day at the end of August each year.  #CabernetDay began in 2010 as a social media event and now includes grand tastings around the world.

American Cabernet may contain up to 25% other grapes – It is legal in the USA to blend up to 25% of another grape into a wine labeled Cabernet Sauvignon. Some producers blend for flavour, others for a better value.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a new (ish) grape variety – Somewhere in southern France around the 17th century Cabernet Franc grapes were crossed with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and the resulting varietal was Cabernet Sauvignon. This was not proven until recent DNA tests confirmed the cross.

Cabernet Sauvignon was the world’s most planted grape varietal – until the early 1990’s when it was surpassed by Merlot grapes.

The oldest vines continually producing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are in Australia – The vines are located in the Kalimna vineyard in the Barossa Valley and are owned by Penfolds. The vines were planted over 125 years ago and still produce grapes to this day.

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What is your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon?

Ours (right now) is The Hess Collection’s Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon.



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